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Our Executives

A little about our Executive and Senior Staff

Claudia Morrill

CEO & Founder of Claudia Morrill Personnel

Since the beginning of her career, Claudia Morril has been synonymous with success,having made a name for herself as well as her services; she has received accolades and distinctions both locally and nationally in her field for her expertise and commitment to service. With Claudia's innate understanding that not all personalities are the same, and the placement of qualified personnel extends beyond the initial marketing of a resume, Claudia has implemented procedures and policies in her program to ensure that she has strategically aligned the prospective candidate and employer in a winning relationship.

Jacquelyn Compton

VP of Operations

Jacquelyn started working with Claudia in June of 2002. As the VP of Operations it is my job to make sure that everything goes as seamlessly as they should in nearly every aspect. Having the ability to work so closely with Claudia over the last 12 years has definitely been a blessing. Claudia and I both take great pride and enjoyment in what we do by helping others locate the right jobs in the right places that in turn helps them achieve more out of life.

Michael Bevan

SR Research Analyst


​​Michael Bevan is the Senior Research Analyst at Claudia Morrill Personnel. He is a current student at New York University and does most of his research work remotely from New York City. He is an Acting major in the Tisch School of the Arts. He also works as an Admissions Ambassador at NYU. Ambassadors give tours to prospective students and work in the Admissions Office. He has a twin sister, Michelle, who studies Business and plays basketball for Emory University.

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