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About Claudia Morrill


Since the beginning of her career, Claudia Morrill has been synonymous with success, having made a name for herself as well as her services; she has received accolades and distinctions both locally and nationally in her field for her expertise and commitment to service. With Claudia's innate understanding that not all personalities are the same, and the placement of qualified personnel extends beyond the initial marketing of a resume, Claudia has implemented procedures and policies in her program to ensure that she has strategically aligned the prospective candidate and employer in a winning relationship.


In looking forward, and in greater understanding of our ever changing world and the economy, Claudia has recognized the value in technical networking that transcends the local demographics and takes her into the global market broadening the spectrum of opportunity to find the ideal candidates for her clients. While many states find themselves in economic downturn, Claudia recognizes in that picture, that Houston and Texas remain strong, with affordable housing and excellent schools and communities to draw upon and the numbers of people seeking a fresh start are astounding.


Claudia has carefully leveraged relationships to recognize and recruit talented candidates who are now seeking new opportunities they might not have considered before. Claudia works tirelessly, committed to nothing short of excellence and continuing the legacy of the reputation she has spent years establishing one placement at a time.

Owner/President of Claudia Morrill Personnel, Inc. since 1994


Proper planning is always one of the most important aspects in any successful firm or business. We do not take that lightly here

at Claudia Morril Personnel. Nothing else can be better than a properly planned goal and course of action.


Strategy is always very important and here at Claudia Morrill Personnel, Claudia has found this to be very true. With a proper and precise strategy, we open the doors that would normally  be locked to the majority of individuals seeking placement and employment. 


The final and most important aspect of

what we do is the ability to deliver results. To put this simply, that is what we are

here for. To locate the right jobs and posi-tions and deliver the results our clients want and need. We settle for nothing less here at Claudia Morrill Personnel but to deliver positive results.

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