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About Us 

Here at Claudia Morrill Personnel

Claudia Morrill Personnel is an innovative recruiting solutions company matching companies and individuals with quality employees in jobs of their choice. Claudia Morrill Personnel uses the tremendous capabilities of the Internet to provide you with traditional recruiting services. Use Claudia Morrill Personnel to browse available jobs by city and also to browse available Houston jobs by company. You can also browse available Houston jobs by category and also find general job sites or specialized job sites on Claudia Morrill Personnel. Using Claudia Morrill Personnel in the informational center to facilitate your job search in your individual quest for the Houston job of your dreams will make that often tedious and strainful task alot easier.

A solid one stop resource!


Claudia Morrill Personnel is your one-stop resource center, the Houston Employment Agency providing an exchange between job seekers and employers in the Houston, Texas area.

Claudia Morrill Personnel posts thousands of Houston jobs and

offers privacy features, together with informational and career tools for your job search.

Resources and tools to aid your search!


Make use of the Informational Resources at Claudia Morrill Personnel: Their research methods, tools, experience and personnel to help and train you with all aspects of your job search!

What you can do with Claudia Morrill Personnel

• ​Pinpoint the job you want at Claudia Morrill Personnel.

• Look at all the posted positions at Claudia Morrill Personnel.

• Refine your resume or write a new one at Claudia Morrill Personnel.

• Practice your interviewing skills through Claudia Morrill Personnel.

• Contact your prospective employers directly through

   Claudia Morrill Personnel.

• Learn to negotiate your best offer through Claudia Morrill Personnel.

• Don’t forget the Thank You letter obtainable on

   Claudia Morrill Personnel.

Claudia Morrill Personnel, Inc. specializes in providing a variety of services to our clients, including but not limited to:

• Direct Hire 
• Temporary 
• Payroll Services
• Executive Level Placement
• Finance and Accounting
• Human Resource Personnel
• Legal Personnel
• Administrative Assistants
• Clerical Personnel
• Sales Personnel

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